How water transforms the minerals in the rocks – Química 9º

On a daily basis, people use substances made up of acids and bases at a domestic, as well as an industrial level. In the countryside, farmers use fertilizers composed of nitric and sulfuric acids in their crops. For obtaining the glass needed for making cups or house windows, they use hydrofluoric acid. In addition, calcium hydroxide is often used in dentistry procedures, among other. For instance, when we do the house cleaning, it is common to use products like cleansers or bleaches for floors or restrooms. Have you noticed you cannot sniff these substances? Have you realized people pour little quantities of these substances on surfaces? Generally, these substances need to be mixed with plenty of water. It is usual to hear about a salt called sodium hypochlorite, this is the essential component of cleansers or bleach, and it is highly corrosive, with a strong odor and should be used with caution. As you will see, both acids, hydroxides and salts are part of many products used at home and in the industry. In this section, you will learn how these substances are formed, why they are called in such particular ways and how they are related to human activities and natural phenomena. The teacher shows students the importance of acids, hydroxides and salts in everyday life ; relate different examples to domestic and industrial level.