Why is oxygen a gas in the air and vapor in water – Química 10º

Teachers, please begin by mentioning the contents to work on in each activity, with the idea of contextualizing for the students and giving them a logical frame to complete the activities. Jose loves playing soccer. He is 15 years old, and lives in Cartagena. Every Sunday, after playing a match, he goes home to drink very icy lemonade, then takes a shower, and has a very hot fish soup for lunch, so hot that he can see vapor coming out of the bowl. Even though Jose has not thought about it, throughout his Sunday routine, he interacts with the different states of matter of a single compound: Water in its solid, liquid, and gas phases. Throughout this learning object, we invite you to discover how states of matter change their phases by reorganizing or freeing molecules, and how it is possible to interpret and predict these changes via phase diagrams.