What is the relationship between our numeric system and the scientific notation – Química 10º

Numbers have allowed us to quantify a great amount of things in the world and in part of the universe. They have opened the way to scientific, economic, and social advancements, and have helped us to make calculations on shapes, distances, and measurements, as well as to diagnose and perform other activities in which we use numbers. There are several forms to express the number 1. It may represent both large or small things, and there are several ways to write it. For example, 1 apple = 1.0×100 apples or 1.0×101 mm = 1 cm= 1.0 x 10-1 dm. These are representations of the same measurement, but written differently depending on the conversion system used. With numbers, we can determine how accurate and precise a bowman, a basketball player, a dice roller, or an analyst is, among a lot more things. Remember that… there are various numeric systems such as decimal (0 to 9), binary (0 and 1), and vigesimal, which is based on the number 20, among others.