How to explain the natural selection in the light of genetics – Biología 10º

Teacher: the introduction expects you to involve students in the topic of genetic evolution in an interesting way. For this purpose, some questions are stated as reflections so that students can discuss them before studying the topic.

They will also be useful to identify your students’ previous knowledge. Have you ever wondered: How many plant or animal species are there in the world? or maybe have you wondered: Why are there so much variety in the colors and the shapes of flowers? or Why some animal or plant species live only in one place on the planet? The answers to these questions lie on the concept of evolution.

Not all living beings are as we know them now, all of them have developed strategies in order to survive environmental conditions. Those strategies are transferred from generation to generation; and if environmental conditions keep changing, living beings will keep changing until they adapt or disappear. Dinosaurs are the classic example; their adaptive strategies did not work to survive environmental changes, however, some species evolved and changed to become the birds that we know nowadays.

In this LO, we will study the concept of evolution (from its beginnings to the present day), reviewing interdisciplinarity and the way it attempts to explain the diversity of life on earth, because the great variety of living beings is the result of the way they have evolved over time.