How does the environment affect DNA and how is this relation expressed in biodiversity – Biología 10º

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Among the most biodiverse countries in the world, Colombia ranks second; this privilege is due to the richness and variety of the species it harbors. Colombia is first in birds and orchids, and fourth in mammals. Additionally, it offers an immense diversity of habitats ranging from savannah to tropical rainforests, going through deserts, and reaching páramos.

Do you know why Colombia is so diverse and rich in species?

Its geographical location allows for certain conditions that favor the development of diverse habitats, and of its fauna and flora. The benefits and uses this mega diversity offers locally are plentiful. Finally, the diversity of species in the world has been the result of different evolutionary events which happened throughout history and that allowed the populations of species that are known today to adapt. We invite you to participate and interact with the following learning object to discover more about the formation of species and biodiversity.