Economy is based on the balance between supply and demand. What is your opinion regarding the current global economic situation – Biología 10º

The teacher starts by mentioning the content dealt with in each activity so the student has context and a logic framework of activity development.

For many years, Colombia has been progressing in integration and cooperation processes with other nations through different international economic agreements and by improving access to technology; two aspects which have generated significant changes in the way citizens connect with the world and interact with other cultures and markets.

In everyday life these changes and their benefits can be seen, for example, in access to technological devices such as phones, computers or other products manufactured abroad. However, it is necessary to formulate questions to find out the extent to which market systems and the massive use of technology have affected culture, economy and the environment.

Through this learning object, we intend to analyze how the prices of the products are governed by the laws of supply and demand; and what have been some of the impacts of the massive use of technology on society, culture and the environment.