What changes can be observed through evolutionary history when analyzing the nervous system of animals – Biología 9º

Dear teacher: this introduction is intended to help set focus on the corresponding learning object, on evolution and function of the nervous system, based on a brief explanation for your students. The idea is to generate a reflection exemplifying common situations that relate the nervous system to everyday life. On the same path, create different questions with your students, for example: How has the nervous system evolved in animals? What are the main characteristics of the different nervous systems? What is a stimulus and how is it transmitted? How do different types of nervous systems differ and look alike? How do the structures of the nervous systems look alike? Dear teacher: use all the proposed activities so that your students may better comprehend the topic of this learning object.

Dear teacher: it is recommended to complement the topics using the following readings: http://www.uhu.es/francisco.cordoba/asignaturas/FBAM/TEMA S%20PDF/4-SISTEMA%20NERVIOSO.pdf http://viref.udea.edu.co/contenido/menu_alterno/apuntes/ac1 4-filogenesis.pdf