What to do if the supermarket runs out of fruits and vegetables – Biología 11º

The teacher will show the students the avatar with information. Then, by asking the suggested questions, the teacher will encourage students to participate in the topic and provide opinions.

Today there is a big concern about how supermarket food is sowed and produced, for example fruits, vegetables, milk, cheese, etc. Consequently, many people have started to produce their own food by sowing small plots of land and taking care of their own animals.

The interest on consuming food free from chemicals has increased over the years, and different methods and supplies have been developed to transform the way we cultivate.

Do you know any crop planted in small areas that your family uses for supply?

The purpose of methods different from conventional sowing is that food does not become a risk for health and nature does not suffer during the process.

Do you know how food is produced in conventional manner?

Now let’s discover a way to get healthy food and the existing alternatives to take care of crops without affecting the environment.