Why the cell membrane is semipermeable – Biología 11º

The teacher briefly explains the topic using daily situations as a matter of exemplification to relate lipids to daily life, food, (dangers when reheating cooking oils) and give the message that consumption of oil in excess may cause diseases, metabolic problems, and even death.

Have you ever wondered what happens to your body every time you eat foods rich in fat, such as butter, pork rinds, corn bread with margarine or sunny eggs? Where does such food end? What is all that food transformed into? And, why is it important to know how to eat it?

Our body needs fats, also known as lipids, since they store energy and will also produce it when necessary. For instance, in an extreme situation in which we cannot eat for several days, our body will use the fats stored to obtain energy.

Lipids will provide us with such energy reserve and will build membranes. To build membranes, consumption of lipids is necessary. Membranes provide us with protection and help cells to communicate; and lipids also act as hormones and pheromones.